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Quality Inspection app for Fresh fruit and vegetables


QIFresh is an App for ordering, planning, executing and reporting quality inspections for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Retailers, suppliers and 3rd party quality inspection companies can use the App to collaborate and streamline the quality inspection process:

  • Retailers enter the loading plans and shipment information and assign the inspection of each shipment to a quality inspection partner. Automatically receives process updates and the final Quality Inspection report.
  • 3rd party quality inspection companies plan and execute the quality inspection and prepare the inspection report.
  • The fruit and vegetable suppliers (e.g. cooperatives, groups of producers, packaging compa-nies) is notified on the planning, execution and the result of the inspection and has access to the inspection report.

The Quality Inspection business process is supported using a workflow-based approach: the main busi-ness entities (loading plans, shipments and Quality Inspection reports) go through various states follow-ing user and system activity as the business logic is executed.


  • Full process life-cycle support from loading plans to the Quality Inspection reports, covering all the needs of Retailers, Quality Inspectors and Suppliers.
  • Fully supports and complies with the EC directive 543/2011 that details the rules and the con-formity checks for the fruit and vegetable markets.
  • Role-based access to the App: Each user has access to specific functions based on her role: Retailer, QI Manager, QI Agent, Supplier.
  • Collaboration and instant communication between the business partners: All involved users get instant updates and notifications about the current state of the process for each shipment and Quality Inspection.
Editing shipment data
  • Customized Quality Inspection templates, specific for each fruit or vegetable variety: QIFresh provides an elaborate mechanism for the definition of customized inspection report templates. The inspection templates guide the Quality Inspection execution and cover specific business needs and requirements.
  • Quality inspection managers can assign shipments to different inspectors.
  • Anytime - anywhere access with just an Internet connection, no need to install software.
  • Secure, FIWare/FISpace technology.
Example of conformity of a load
  • Easy and simple to use mobile App, optimized for use by both Tablets and Smartphones, to capture and record quality inspection data on the spot.
  • Capture product, packaging and shipment photos and attach them automatically to the Quality Inspection report.
  • Predefined product varieties, classes and size tables for fast and error-free data input.
  • Statistics views per product, quality property and supplier.
Easy and simple to use mobile App


  • Improves communication and collaboration between retailers, quality inspectors and suppliers.
  • Shortens the time and effort required for the planning and executing inspections and preparing the reports.
  • Minimizes errors in capturing inspection data or transfer them to paper reports.
Editing/add property of a quality inspection template
  • Provides accurate and consistent inspection reporting and useful statistics.
  • Instant access to previous QI reports.
  • No upfront investment required: Small fee on a pay per use/pay per inspection basis. Split cost between involved parties. Unlimited access both in terms of bandwidth and data storage.
Loading plans screen


QIFresh development is utilizing FIWARE/Fispace technologies and it is funded by the FINISH FIWARE accelerator.
The app is currently at prototype phase. It is expected reach Beta stage in January 2016 and become commercial available in early Q2 2016. QIFresh is developed by Agrostis Ltd in partnership with Novacert Ltd.



Agrostis Ltd, a Greek SME specialized in the development of IT solutions for the Agricultural sector.

  • Greek Startup
  • Established late 2012
  • Vision: Provide Quality and Affordable Information Technology and automation solutions for the Agricultural sector.

Dr. Athanasios Sapounas, Co-Founder, CEO
Agriculture Engineering PhD
20+ year experience as Agronomist

Vangelis Vassiliadis, Co-Founder, CTO
Electrical Engineering, MSc in IT
25 years experience in IT development and IT PM

Full time Agronomist for QA & customer support
Full time web and mobile developer
ifarma software

ifarma - Farm Management App

It is the core product of Agrostis, an integrated mobile and cloud collaboration solution for farmers, farmers’ groups and their agronomists.


Novacert Ltd

Novacert (established 2001) is among the leader companies in Greece providing integrated crop management, quality systems certification, (Agro2.1 & Agro2.2, GlobalGAP, QS, TNC, ?FA, SQF 1000), safety and hygiene management systems (HACCP, BRC, IFS, ISO 22000, SQF 2000) as well as planning and execution of promotion and marketing activities of fresh agricultural and processed products.

Novacert has a clientele basis of more than 150 organizations all over Greece and Cyprus that represent nearly 40% of total certified farmland in Greece, a number translated to more than 400.000 acres, more than 10.000 manufacturers and more than 100 organizations and groups of producers.

Recently Novacert has added to its services the provision of 3rd party quality control and inspection audits for fresh fruit and vegetable products for a number of European retailers.


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